About SSA

High Concept of Spaceship Adventure

In the year 2145 – this is when Prime Origin was destroyed or as you know it as Earth in the past. During the exploration of solar systems and colonization of exo planets by our ancestors we encounter very little resistance. Colonies or POD worlds were thriving all around the galaxy – until our ancestors came in contact with the PKORD civilization. They became ally with the human race but not for long. Many years passed when PKORD armies enter a state of invasion over the humans. This is the story my family passed to me before my planet got over-whelmed by invaders. You are receiving this message because I launched a broadcasting capsule into space to warn any survivors of my progress in fighting back. I did not want to leave my ancestors memories unheard. Join me, my name is Alva and I am a human fighting for... ---- End of transmission.

Synopsis of Spaceship Adventure

After 100 years of space exploration and colonization of our own galaxy the Milky Way – the human race had enough discoveries and science advancements that they started to forget where they came from and terminated communications with Earth. Many generations were born outside of Earth; Earth was known as Prime Origin by the settlers. New alien civilizations approached the settlers and became allies. It was fragile at times and many colonies outpost were not as sympathetic to the alliances. The outposts became divided and independence was the outcome. In 2145 – an horrific news hit the outposts – Earth has been destroyed. Many could not believe it – but many more did not even acknowledge it or recall the importance of this act. Doubt and chaos started to rise slowly into the outposts – they did not know who was responsible – an alien ally or maybe an outposts itself could of done it!

SSA platform

You will embark as a crew of a spaceship in orbit ready to go for exploration and space science, or defending humanity to engage in space combat using remote technologies. You have a huge amount of technology to upgrade and research. You will be able to use drones for assault and space exploration through learning astronomy, astrophysics and space concept while playing.

Game Genre

Mission-based crew of 4 action/edutainment/tactical game combining dexterity skills and real-world knowledge of space science.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Remote Operating Center (ROC) receives feedback from mothership and drones for exploration and combat.
  • Player can choose between 4 distinct roles: Pilot, Drone Engineer, Ship Engineer and Tactical Engineer.
  • Multiplayer game with players colocated in the mothership’s bridge
  • Immersive environment complete with lighting, sound and equipment functionality variations in response to gameplay events
  • Drone combat including formation design and drone behavior AI
  • Mothership is armed and may engage enemy targets
  • Drones fly “Star-Wars” style - not real flight physics (no gravity)
  • Mothership obeys laws of physics (gravity ⇒ orbital trajectories)
  • Players may build combinations of drones to comprise a fleet
  • Drones colliding with other drones/targets can do damage/destroy
  • Physics-based collisions; higher kinetic energy = higher damage
  • Drones may also explore planets/asteroids or other space phenomenon
  • Occasional treasures/special weapons may be discovered via exploration
  • Space environment may be learned about via exploration
    • Solar wind
    • Electromagnetic phenomenon from stars
    • Solar storms
    • Pulsars, other types of stars with odd behaviors
    • Nebulae

Meet our Team... they are always up to something good!

Jerome Heuze
Jerome Heuze
Founder / Game Designer / ROC Builder

I have founded/created Spaceship Adventure (SSA) since 2012. I have contributed to the project as a ship builder, UI, UX, game flow, game designer, company founder, business strategy, branding, future development, and much more. Recently I have assembled a great team to develop and enhanced SSA and it's future. SSA will be a the first game and education platform in existence. SSA is alike Jurassic Park when John Hammond used to say - "Spared no expense. Have fun."

Senior Software Developer / Founder

Software Developer / Arduino

Product Development / STEM / Aero Engineer / ROC Builder

Bryant Archie
Writer / Story Builder