Game Roadmap

Spaceship Adventure is a game at foremost and much more. We will try to elaborate our vision for our game learning platform.

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Immersive Game Based Learning

We believe with certitude that video games and Education can co-exist together to produce a strong Edutainment app playable by avid gamers and by casual player.


True Co-Op spaceship simulation

Designing and developing an amazing simulation for your enjoyment is key to us. As we want to introduce players to actual Astronomy and Astrophysics concepts in the game. You will love it!

Describe Spaceship Adventure

Exploring space has been a dream of mankind for centuries. Since the days of Plato and Aristotle man has had a fascination with the world that exists beyond the stars. As the evolution of technology continues to rapidly progress so does our belief that we are closer than ever to a greater understanding of man's place in the universe.

Spaceship Adventure is a real world simulation project designed to give each participant an opportunity that is currently only available to the world's top astronauts and financial tycoons. A cabin crew of four members will embark upon great adventures, exploring the solar system and the stars, planets, and matter beyond. These participants will learn by playing through the use of actual astrophysical and astronomical concepts.

We are still under development as of today!

See our progress so far.

Making a game VS. porting other space sims to SSA platform

Making a game is hard and takes a lot of engineering resources. At Spaceship Adventure we understand the need for more immersive gaming tools like touch screens, AR headsets or VR headsets. Those are great technologies to use right now.

We have a vision to start making custom ships for playing other games on our platform. Though our vision for our game is actually a learning lab we believe in innovation in using physical ships to enhanced other simulation space games.

We strive into making true co-op environment where the player can learn new concepts while still enjoying its content.

As soon as we have a prototype we will start promoting the spaceship itself as being open for licensing by other space simulations.

We have a soft deadline to be at the end of 2017.